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Using hair colour to tweak your hair texture

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Hair colour can be a great tool to not only change the colour of your hair, but also the texture. Here are some ways that hair colour can give you the texture that you desire. 


Semi-permanent colours coat the hair strand with a layer of colour-bearing pigment. This makes hair both look and seem thicker and can often make hair more manageable. Semi-permanent gloss options also add pigments that reflect light that make the hair look thicker and healthier. They often include conditioning treatments and oils which can help your hair to look and feel fantastic. 

Semi-permanent colours cannot lighten hair, so they tend to either give a darker or more red tone to the hair. They usually wash out over a few washes, which can limit the amount of visible regrowth and help the hair to look more natural and lush by not creating a visual 'tide line' on the hair. 

Permanent hair colour

Permanent hair colour, particularly lighter colours, strip pigment and thickness from the hair strand before depositing the new pigment which gives the hair the new colour. This can be a great way for folks with unruly hair texture, including unwanted curls or early greys, to get some more control over their hair texture. However for people with delicate or thin hair texture this can have the potential for hair breakage and chronic hair damage. As a result most hair colour includes post colouring treatments and additional intensive conditioners to help maintain a lush and attractive hair texture. 

Many people get foils and other colour depositing techniques which give a visual impression of thicker natural hair compared to a flat single tone colour. These highlights or lowlights can be a great way to alter the colour and texture of hair in a subtle way that doesn't leave visible regrowth. It also strips less colour and pigment from the hair, leaving more of the natural hair texture. 

If you are interested to know how a hair colour could affect your hair texture, it makes sense to chat to your stylist or hair colour specialist. They can review your current hair texture, along with your hair cut, to provide you with some input and advice on the likely effect of hair colour on your hair texture.  They can help to you plan a colour and cut that will give you the hair colour and texture that you have been wanting. 

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